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23 Mar


Code Across Toronto

March 23, 2016 | By |

TAG was one of the “challenge-owners” at CivicTech Toronto’s Code Across Toronto event on March 5th.

Held on International Open Data Day, the event brought together 75 coders, designers, urban planners, government staff, policy makers and other specialists to explore ways that technology could advance collaboration toward public good. Attendees were tasked with developing solutions to various challenges relating to health, housing and education. TAG’s challenge to the group was to create a tool that would compile relevant legal information, referrals and tips into a printable report that users could review with a trusted intermediary or legal service provider. A prototype of the tool was developed and next steps are being explored. The event was an excellent opportunity to meet connect with a community that is committed to using technological solutions to advance access to justice. Find more details about the day here.

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