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05 Sep


Episode 1: Law a la Carte?

September 5, 2017 | By |

We speak with legal professionals who support unbundled legal services. Unbundling legal services are when a client and a lawyer decide what aspects of a case the lawyer will work on and what aspects the client can handle on their own. The client then pays for the particular services that the lawyer provides.

Tami Moscoe, Counsel at the Superior Court of Justice, tells us about the growing phenomenon of people going to family court without any legal representation. We hear about how some legal help as opposed to none can make a considerable difference.

The Law Society of Upper Canada, Ontario’s regulator for lawyers and paralegals, has in recent years amended its rules to make it easier to provide legal services that are unbundled. We speak with Treasurer Paul Schabas, who tells us why these changes were made and how they support the Law Society’s mandate of improving access to justice. 

Renatta Austin, a Toronto based lawyer talks to us about how providing unbundled legal services has been a way to help clients and also build a sustainable, community-focused private practice.

Podcast Guests

Want more information about unbundled legal services? Check out these resources:

This program contains 15 minutes of Professionalism Content.


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