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Architects of Justice Podcast

Exploring Access to Justice in Ontario

Architects of Justice: Exploring Access to Justice in Ontario is a podcast that explores how people are finding new ways to improve access to justice. By bringing together multiple perspectives including users, community workers, students, and legal professionals, our goal is to spotlight different conversations about how we can make a more effective justice system.

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Episode 4: Digital Diversity

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Developing Justice Solutions For Real Lives

The justice sector is under pressure to use more technology. But how does this affect those who don’t have regular access to a computer or the internet? In this episode we feature different perspectives on how technology-based solutions can reflect the diverse needs of justice system users. 

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Episode 3: Going Solo

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Navigating the Justice System as a Self-Represented Litigant

The number of people representing themselves, without a lawyer or paralegal, is growing every day. In this episode we learn about what it is like to navigate a complex system on your own. We hear from a self-represented litigant and access to justice advocates who discuss how the self-rep experience is changing the legal system in Ontario.

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Want to learn more about being a self-represented litigant? Check out this guide from the Ontario Court of Justice.


Episode 2: Cindy Blackstock

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Overrepresentation of Indigenous Children in Care

Today more Indigenous children are in the child welfare system than at the height of residential schools. In this episode we speak with Indigenous child welfare advocate Cindy Blackstock about the decade long battle against Canada’s discrimination against First Nations children. You will also hear excerpts from Cindy’s 2016 keynote address at Connect, Create, Communicate: Public Legal Education and the Access to Justice Movement.

Learn more about the complaint made by the First Nations Child and Family Caring Society and the Assembly of First Nations to the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal by reading this article.


Episode 1: Law a la Carte?

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How Unbundled Legal Services are Addressing Affordability and Access

Unbundled legal services are when a legal professional takes on some aspects of your case. Together you determine what they should handle and what you can do on your own. Unbundling is about affordability but it is also about shifting the relationship between a client and a legal professional. In this episode we follow a lawyer who has based her practice around this approach. 

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Sabreena Delhon


Sabreena is the Manager of External Engagement and The Action Group on Access to Justice (TAG) at The Law Society of Upper Canada. Last year Sabreena organized Ontario’s first Access to Justice Week which featured 150 diverse speakers and received coverage in 25 media outlets. Her writing is featured on various legal blogs and has also appeared on CBC Radio’s The Sunday Edition.

Jane Kim


Jane is a freelance producer and writer. Her work has screened at international film festivals, (such as Toronto International Film Festival, SXSW, San Francisco Asian American Film Festival), received nominations and awards (including Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival Best Female GTA Artist, Yorkton Short Film Festival Jury Prize), and was broadcast in Canada and USA.