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Architects of Justice Podcast

Architects of Justice Podcast

Architects of Justice: Exploring Access to Justice in Ontario is a podcast that explores how people are finding new ways to improve access to justice. By bringing together multiple perspectives including users, community workers, students, and legal professionals, our goal is to spotlight different conversations about how we can make a more effective justice system.

Architects of Justice episodes are accredited with Professionalism Hours. See below for details.


Episode 4: Digital Diversity

September 26, 2017 | TAG_Admin

In an age where the internet is increasingly essential for education, job searching, banking and even ordering your morning coffee, the justice sector is under pressure to use more technology. But how does this affect those who don’t have regular access to a computer or the internet?

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Episode 3: Going Solo

September 20, 2017 | TAG_Admin

Sylvia Green is a retired teacher who has been dealing with a legal estate case on her own since 2011. She found navigating a complex system on her own to be incredibly overwhelming and intimidating. When she discovered Pro Bono Ontario (PBO), a volunteer-based legal services organization, she found guidance and ultimately the confidence to represent herself in court. She shares her journey with us.

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Episode 2: Cindy Blackstock

September 12, 2017 | TAG_Admin

Canadian-born Gitxsan activist for Indigenous child welfare, Cindy Blackstock, is not one to back away from fighting injustice. According to Cindy, the Canadian government is racially discriminating against 163,000 First Nations children and their families, resulting in more First Nations children in the child welfare system today than at the height of residential schools.

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Episode 1: Law a la Carte?

September 5, 2017 | TAG_Admin

We speak with legal professionals who support unbundled legal services. Unbundling legal services are when a client and a lawyer decide what aspects of a case the lawyer will work on and what aspects the client can handle on their own. The client then pays for the particular services that the lawyer provides.
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Photo Credit Kathryn Bourque

Sabreena Delhon

Sabreena est la responsable de l’engagement externe et du Groupe d’action sur l’accès à la justice (TAG) au Barreau de l’Ontario. L’an dernier, Sabreena a organisé la première semaine de l’accès à la justice en Ontario qui comptait 150 différents conférenciers et a été couverte par 25 médias. Elle écrit pour divers blogues juridiques et a également été invitée au programme de CBC Radio The Sunday Edition.

Jane Kim

Jane est une productrice pigiste et rédactrice. Son travail été présenté à des festivals de films internationaux (comme au Festival international des films de Toronto, SXSW, San Francisco Asian American Film Festival), a reçu des nominations et des prix (y compris le prix de la meilleure artiste féminine du Grand Toronto au Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival, le prix du jury au Yorkton Short Film Festival) et est diffusé au Canada et aux É.-U.

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